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Loyalty Points

The Training Course Network Loyalty Points Scheme is designed to reward our loyal customers for repeatedly using our services. You earn Loyalty Points for each purchase that you make, these Loyalty Points are then redeemed against your next purchase giving you a monetary discount, it's that simple!.

You cannot spend Loyalty Points and Promo Code discount on the same order.
If you have Loyalty Points to spend and you then enter a Promo Code you will receive the discount from the Promo Code and your Loyalty Points will be saved and redeemed off your next order.

How many Loyalty Points do I get?
We do offer promotional bonuses such as 'Double Loyalty Points' from time to time but below is the standard.
For every £1 that you spend with us we give you 2 Loyalty Points

For Example:
You spend £100 we give you 200 Loyalty Points
You Spend £200 we give you 400 Loyalty Points
You spend £500 we give you 1,000 Loyalty Points
You spend £1,000 we give you 2,000 Loyalty Points

How much are my Loyalty Points worth?
Each Loyalty Points is worth 1 pence, so 100 Loyalty Points are worth £1.
This equates to 2% discount on every purchase.

How do I know how many Loyalty Points I have?
Our web site systems automatically award your Loyalty Points for each purchase that you make with us. You can check how many Loyalty Points you have at any time within My Account on this web site.

How soon can I spend my Loyalty Points?
When you place your order you earn Loyalty Points for your next order. Your Loyalty Points are awarded as soon as you place the order but are not 'Confirmed' until full and cleared payment has been received for your first order. You can check to see if your Loyalty Points are live in My Account on this web site.
Loyalty Points are awarded AFTER full payment has been made for your previous order.

How do I redeem my Loyalty Points?
Our web site and systems keep a record of your Loyalty Points. After your initial purchase when you add a course to your basket you will see your available Loyalty Points in your basket with the discount that you will receive when you place your next order. Our system is fully automated so you don't need to do anything as your Loyalty Points are automatically used on your next order.

OK this sounds Great! How do I Register?
You don't need to register for the Loyalty Points Scheme. The Loyalty Points Scheme is available to everyone who places more than one order with us. Simply place your first order with us and the system will take care of everything for you.


Why Choose Training Course Network
Book Direct with the Training Provider

When you book a place on a training course via this website you are booking it directly with the training provider. This guarantee's that you are paying the very lowest price possible. No middle men, no brokers, nothing added on!

Loyalty Points Discount

Each time you place an order via this website you Earn Loyalty Points which are automatically redeemed against your next order giving you a discount. This makes our prices the lowest anywhere, even lower then going to the trainer direct!

Best Prices Guaranteed!

The price displayed on this web site is set by the training provider via their Genius Training Management Software. Training Course Network don't add anything onto the price meaning you get the very best price possible. We will beat any price with our Price Promise.

Manage Your Training

You have FREE access to the Genius Customer Platform which is used to track and manage your training and your learners. This secure platform allows you to manage your orders, your learners and their qualifications in real time. You can view attendance registers, exam results and download joining instructions, training materials, certificates and more. This is ONLY available when you book via this website.

Live Feeds

All of our training courses are taken from a live feed from the training providers Genius Training Management Software. This allows us to display the courses availability in real time, up to the second, drastically reducing cancellations, so you know that when you book your place is secured on that course.

Offers and Discounts

Offers and discounts are shown on Training Course Network the instant the trainer decides to offer them which Guarantee's that you are getting the very latest special offers and discounts.

Instant Online Training

When you book online training via the Training Course Network you are enrolled instantly. This means you can begin your training within seconds after placing your order.

National Network

Training Course Network offers training courses across all business sectors running in venues right across the UK every day of every week, so we are sure to have the perfect training course for you.

Private In House Training Network

If you are looking to train 4 or more people our unique network of 'Private In House Trainers' are ready and waiting to quote for your training requirements.
Just fill a short form and our training providers will email you with their very best quote, allowing you to choose the deal that suits you.
Read about Private In House Training.


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